Not recommended for marine use
Bent swedge fitting on the back stay
Corroded and leaking sea strainer
Corroded stuffing box
Leaking rudder stuffing box
Not the way to repair your shore power cord
Gate valves are a no-no below the waterline
Wiring organization like this makes a problem tough to find
An obvious problem with an engine cooling system hose
Wire nuts do not belong on a boat
Torn sail
Watch out for other jet skis
Rocks and rudders do not mix
Rocks and props do not mix
Don’t let this happen to you
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Boat Photos
We have included these pictures for your education and enjoyment. Most of these pictures are of deficiencies found on various boats at the time of their survey.  These pictures represent common problems found on many boats, especially older boats.  We have captioned the pictures that contain deficiencies to highlight the problems.
Edward (Ned)  McCrea, SAMS®AMS®
Nathan Darcy, SAMS®AMS®
Shoreline, WA