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Ned started sailing with his family when he was 5 years old.  From that time on he was addicted to boating.  Starting as a sailor he participated in local, national, and international sailing competitions.  While he grew up sailing he liked powerboats too, and asked his mother why they could not own a powerboat.  Her reply was “sailing develops character”. Well, Ned certainly is a character.  But starting at the age of 14 when Ned and a friend built a small speedboat called a “Pumpkin Seed”, he was able to work and recreate on a variety of powerboats up to 125 feet.  Following a few years break from active boating Ned and his wife bought a 34-foot sailboat and took some time to live aboard. It was at that time he started working on boats professionally.  Since 1982, Ned has been involved professionally in the marine industry ultimately qualifying for and acquiring a U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license.  Working in new construction, repair, and system design prepared him for his future in marine surveying.  Ned has now been surveying since 1994 and is looking forward to many more years in the field.
Nathan started his marine career at the age of 12 when his parents decided to move aboard a sailboat and cruise the East Coast, Florida Keys, and the Bahamas.  During his four years of living aboard Nathan absorbed a great deal of knowledge and quickly became the onboard navigator.  After working outside the marine industry for the same company for 16 years, Nathan decided that he wanted a new challenge and that he missed the marine environment.  He brings practical knowledge and a great deal of enthusiasm to our company.
Edward (Ned)  McCrea, SAMS®AMS®
Nathan Darcy, SAMS®AMS®