Thank you for visiting the McCrea Marine Surveyors web site.  We have been surveying in Seattle and the Puget Sound region of Washington State for the last nineteen years.  We provide service throughout the northwest and beyond.  Our motto is “On time and on target”.
Marine Surveying has a noble history that goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.  As long as there have been boats there have been people who specialized in inspecting them for quality, safety, and recommending repairs.  Over the past few hundred years, as ships and shipping technology began to evolve as a major source of transportation and commerce, Marine Surveying has emerged as a well-defined profession with its own principles, practices, societies, and ethics codes.
The surveyor in the recreational boating world is similar to the general practitioner in medicine.  A survey is performed and a diagnosis of the vessel’s problems is made.  Based on those findings, recommendations are made for any special care the boat may require. McCrea Marine Surveyors works in the major areas of recreational marine surveying listed below.
1. Pre-purchase Surveys - A survey performed on a boat prior to purchase to determine it’s condition and value.
2. Insurance Surveys - Similar to the pre-purchase survey but directed to the insurance company that may insure the vessel.
3. Damage Surveys - A survey performed for an insurance company claims department, a boat owner, or law firm to determine the extent of the damage to the boat, a reasonable cost of repair, and the cause of loss.
4. Owner’s Agent - A boat owner often needs a representative to check on repairs or new construction. Occasionally a repair job does not meet the owner’s expectations or requirements. In that case the surveyor’s job is to determine the facts while maintaining a neutral, unbiased position.
5. Expert Witness - McCrea Marine Surveyor’s has been called upon to provide expert testimony in various situations from lawsuits to failure analysis. This can involve giving a deposition, testifying in court, or providing analysis services.
We want to assist you in order to provide you with a better boating experience.  Your visit to our website will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.
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